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The Cat Brothers: Cats In a Cube

Here's Bowie doing his dramatic, tortured artist look for the camera.

When I photograph my needle-felted creations, I use a photo cube to control the background and lighting.  Because it’s a fairly large cube, I have to set it up on the dining room table.  The first time they saw it, the cat brothers were very curious about this new object in their space and had to check it out.  Of course, they waited until my doll was completely set up with the cube was perfectly lit and cat-fur-free before jumping in to claim it as their own.  I rescued whatever poor doll was within clawing distance and took the opportunity to snap some shots of the cat brothers instead. Those boys.  Those wonderful, terrible boys!








Bing thought he was being photographed for the next issue of Bachelor Cat Magazine.


The Mummy is for sale

The Mummy is up for sale on the SpookyTime Jingles site starting at midnight on September 13! You can buy him by clicking here and getting all the details at the Run Red Run page.   I saw a sneak peak of some of the other art and it all looks great, so be sure to take a look around.

This time Vince Dorse did a quick design sketch for me to use as inspiration.  He told me not to feel bound by the design, but to play around a little and experiment.  As a result, a few things changed along the way and I’m pretty happy with the outcome.

I also have a few more photos of The Mummy in my photo gallery for you to see.  Let me know what you think!







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