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Needle Felted Bigfoot

Run Red Run Needle Felted Bigfoot Untold Tales of Bigfoot feltieVince Dorse, an illustrator friend of mine, who has done some designs for Run Red Run before, got together with me to create a feltie of the Bigfoot character from his award-winning comic, Untold Tales of Bigfoot (it won a Reuben!). This week is the one-year anniversary of the comic’s debut, so he wanted to celebrate by commissioning this feltie.  Untold Tales of Bigfoot has a great story, fantastic art, and it’s an all-ages comic, so it’s safe for the kids to read! Read it from the beginning here!

The Bigfoot sculpture stands at an impressive 21 inches tall –my biggest feltie so far!– and he has a strong armature to pose him and help him stand.  I used merino wool for his fur and Felt Alive Flesh Tones from for his skin.
I had a blast sculpting bigfoot and working with Vince to get Bigfoot’s 3D version looking like his 2D design!  Make sure you go over to the gallery to see the shots of Bigfoot in the wild!
Run Red Run Needle Felted Bigfoot Untold Tales of Bigfoot
Untold Tales of Bigfoot Needle Felted Bigfoot

Needle Felted Super Grover

Run Red Run Needle Felted Grover Super Grover

“Presenting the further adventures of everybody’s favorite superhero, the man who is faster than lightning, stronger than steel, smarter than a speeding bullet… it’s Super Grover!”  And he is cute too!

I’ve loved Grover, and his super alter ego, since the first time I saw them on Sesame Street. How could anyone not love that little blue monster? He’s so cute!

Measuring in at a fuzzy blue 14 inches, Grover was sculpted on an armature to ensure standability and allowing his arms to stretch forward when he takes flight.  His felted helmet, fabric cape and super emblem are removable so Grover can turn back into his lovable monster self whenever he wants.

And if you haven’t enjoyed the adventures of Super Grover in a while, enjoy this episode:  Click Me

See more photos in the gallery!


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