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Needle Felted Beauty and the Beast

Run Red Run Needle Felted Beauty and the Beast Belle

For weeks and weeks I’ve been working on a secret project. Normally, my work isn’t classified top-secret, but this time it was a secret commission for a friend.  Here’s the story…  My friend Lisa and her husband Dave — both of whom I’ve known since they first met in high school — are celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary this month.

Dave approached me about constructing a one-of-a kind gift for Lisa. He told me Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is a favorite of Lisa’s, and that he wanted to recreate the characters as seen in the ball room dance scene with Belle in her yellow ball gown and Beast dressed in tails (I’m sure that’s a pun).  PLUS, Dave wanted it to be a surprise.

It’s been hard keeping the project a secret, but the gift has been given and now I can share it with you!

For this specific project I used wool from different sources than I usually do and ended up really liking the Merino Wool Top from Marr Haven Wool Farm (  Barbara ships out the orders super fast and has a great product! Thanks Barbara!

I also sculpted each figure around a wire armature, Beast’s goes right through to his tail to help him stand.

Happy Anniversary Lisa & Dave! You’re great friends and I’m honored that you allowed me to be some small part of your celebration!

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