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Tuesday Tip: Needle Felting Pad Part 2

Run Red Run Needle Felting Pad Tuesday TipMy Tuesday Tip last month was about getting yourself a felting pad. This month, I’ll give you a tip on how to increase the life of your felting pad and speed up your workflow!  Cover your felting pad with a sheet of craft felt to make them last longer.

I just recently read this tip on The Needle Felters Workshop and decided to try it out.  Sheets of felt are really inexpensive (I got one for 25 cents!) and can be found at your local craft store.  If you use a pad, you know that needling colored felt results in tiny fibers of those colors being embedded into the pad. Not only do those fibers make your pad look junky, but they’re easily transferred to your other felting projects and you don’t want those looking junky. The sheet of flat felt is great at keeping all those fibers out of the pad, and that means less time cleaning the pad and more time for felting! That also means I can just replace the sheet when it gets icky, and the pad lasts longer.


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