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Needle Felted Beauty and the Beast

Run Red Run Needle Felted Beauty and the Beast Belle

For weeks and weeks I’ve been working on a secret project. Normally, my work isn’t classified top-secret, but this time it was a secret commission for a friend.  Here’s the story…  My friend Lisa and her husband Dave — both of whom I’ve known since they first met in high school — are celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary this month.

Dave approached me about constructing a one-of-a kind gift for Lisa. He told me Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is a favorite of Lisa’s, and that he wanted to recreate the characters as seen in the ball room dance scene with Belle in her yellow ball gown and Beast dressed in tails (I’m sure that’s a pun).  PLUS, Dave wanted it to be a surprise.

It’s been hard keeping the project a secret, but the gift has been given and now I can share it with you!

For this specific project I used wool from different sources than I usually do and ended up really liking the Merino Wool Top from Marr Haven Wool Farm (  Barbara ships out the orders super fast and has a great product! Thanks Barbara!

I also sculpted each figure around a wire armature, Beast’s goes right through to his tail to help him stand.

Happy Anniversary Lisa & Dave! You’re great friends and I’m honored that you allowed me to be some small part of your celebration!

See more photos in the gallery!

Needle Felted Red and Wolf Design

In my last two posts I’ve mentioned that I work with an artist friend who does the design work for a lot of my projects.  I really like what he comes up with so I thought I should write a post about him and how our process works.

Most of the time he begins with a sketch that establishes the structure of the character and a follow-up color comp so I know what color wool to use.  Then I start sculpting.  Not only do those sketches turn into a wool doll, but most of the time he brings the illustration to a more finished stage.  That’s what this image is.  I love the old timey look he gave to Red and the wolf.

He has a website that is a full of his illustrations, the stuff he does when he’s not designing my projects.  Check them out at


what big eyes you have: Needle Felted Wolf

You can’t have a Red Riding Hood without a wolf. Here he is, all decked out in Grandma’s nightgown. There is a detailed shot in the gallery if you want to check that out too. This guy was designed by my artist friend who also designed Red. I think they make a great pair. Although Red seems to be a little scared of Granny Wolf, with good reason, he has big teeth.


Needle Felted Red Riding Hood

I’ve been trying to buckle down and get this blog up and running. Writing a bio, getting photos taken, and thinking about what I can put in the shop. And now that I have that stuff done, I can concentrate on more wool sculpting. Hopefully, I’ll have a work in progress to share soon.

I’ve been working with an artist friend on a lot of projects. He draws them, then I sculpt them. It’s fun to see the sketch come alive into wool character. Stay tuned for more on that.

For now, here’s Red. Since she’s the mascot for this site, it only seems right that she’s the first post on this new blog. Depending on the response I get, Red may end up in the shop at a later date. But for now, she’s just here to be cute. Hope you like her.


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