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Trick-Or-Treating Monsters (Needle Felted Fiends)

Run Red Run Needle Felted Skeleton Witch Ghost This time of year is crazy busy for me, with so many commissions coming in and gifts to make. But I couldn’t let October slip by without celebrating Halloween with some felties. The Witch and The Ghost were last year’s sculpts. But that little Skeleton guy? He’s actually something I started a couple years ago and recently found in my great big box of unfinished projects.

Based on a comic character designed by Vince Dorse, the little bag of bones is an honest-to-goodness monster who happens to enjoy Halloween just like a regular kid. I dug him out of his little cardboard coffin, cleaned up the fuzzy edges and got him ready for his big night. It was interesting working on him because I realized how differently I felted just a few years ago compared to my current process. He’s felted more firmly and, therefore, harder to make changes and alterations to.

There are more shots in my gallery. And stop back in a couple days because I’m racing against the clock to get something special done for Halloween.





Sewickley Public Library’s hosting a Run Red Run Needle Felt Exhibit!

I was asked by the fine folks at the Sewickley Public Library ( to display my fiber sculptures, and I jumped at the chance. A small exhibit of my felties will be on display at the library for the month of October. And since October means Halloween, I’ve included a generous complement of my needle felted monsters, creeps and trick-or-treaters.

This is the largest collection of my felties in one place — besides my work room — and I’m excited to see them featured among the books that inspired many of them. While some pieces are not for sale, others will be available for purchase. Twenty percent of any sales made through the library during October will be donated to the library. If you’ve never visited, Sewickley Library is a great public space, cozy and classic, with a full schedule of community events, local art displays and lots of space for catching up on your reading. So remember, this October, Reading Is Feltamental (wow, sorry about that one).

Run Red Run Needle Felt Library ExhibitRun Red Run Needle Felt Library ExhibitRun Red Run Needle Felt Library ExhibitRun Red Run Needle Felt Library ExhibitRun Red Run Needle Felt Library ExhibitRun Red Run Needle Felt LIbrary ExhibitRun Red Run Needle Felt Library ExhibitRun Red Run Needle Felt Library ExhibitSewlickey Library


























Poetic Justice: With my needle, I felted an ALBATROSS!

Run Red Run Needle Felted Albatross Art tip: When the inspiration behind a commission is a grim poem about sailors dying at sea, you should avoid googly eyes on your fiber sculpture.

That said, I just finished another commission! This time the subject was a very serious albatross. Nothing too whimsical in this design since the recipient is a big fan of the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner — if you know the poem, you’ll understand why we went with a more somber, less cartoony bird.

Run Red Run Needle Felted Albatross

The client who commissioned me gave me a photo of a specific albatross for reference. i pulled a few more images from the web to get a sense of the bird and went for a realistic interpretation of the subject. I was lucky enough to be there when the gift was given and it was a hit. Whew! I had some fun with Photoshop, pretending the seabird was out for a swim, and there are a few more studio shots in the gallery.


Surprise! Happy Birthday Cow!

Run Red Run Needle Felted Cow

How fun! I was invited to a surprise party recently. Last year, the birthday girl’s husband had commissioned Beauty & The Beast felted dolls from me for their anniversary, so I figured I couldn’t go too wrong if I felted up something cute for a birthday gift. Since she loves cows, my decision was easy. The surprise party went off without a hitch (she really was surprised) and the cow went over big too.

Run Red Run Needle Felted Cow


Needle Felted Lope the Wolf Kid from The Graveyard Gang

Run Red Run Needle Felted Lope Graveyard GangRich Clabaugh, creator of the spooky, all-ages webcomic, The Graveyard Gang, recently commissioned me to felt one of his signature characters, Lope “The Wolf Kid” Coronado.  My version of Lope stands about 10-inches tall and, like his cartoon counterpart, likes to spend time in creepy graveyards.

I have more photos of Lope in my gallery.

And when you’re done looking at the felted version, feel free to visit Lope and the rest of the Graveyard Gang at Rich’s website.


I Won a Needle Felted Witch Finger Puppet!

RunRedRun with FingerpuppetA little while ago, a fellow-needle felter and friend, Marina, over at had a giveaway to celebrate reaching 500 followers on her FaceBook page and I won the awesome Needle Felted Witch finger puppet that she made!  Her name is Marlane and she traveled all the way from Barcelona, Spain!

My felted witch, Helga, had a chance to meet Marlane and I think they’re going to end up being great friends (and cook up some spells together)! Thanks Marina for sending Marlane!  I will cherish her and give her a good home.

Run Red Run needle felted witch Marina witch


Needle Felted Santa

Run Red Run Needle Felted SantaHe’s made his list. Checked it twice. This little feltie Santa knows who’s been naughty and who’s been nice (you know who you are).

It’s that time of year again. You know — those crazy weeks of running around getting everything in order for Christmas… and New Year’s. In between the chaos, I brought this fellow to life to get my holiday spirit in gear.

He stands almost 7” tall, small enough to slip in and out of stockings without waking the house, but not so small that he doesn’t spread Christmas cheer wherever he stands.

Go to the gallery for more photos!


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