Needle Felting Hits the Big Time: Web Comics!

murdercake_wolverine When I tell people what I do, I often get confused looks and I have to explain what needle felting is.  Lately, though, it seems more and more people are becoming aware of needle-felting and that makes me happy.  Recently, a friend of mine came across a comic on the web that actually mentioned needle felting.  I enjoyed it so much (actually laughed out loud!) that I thought sharing it was a good idea.  Of course, this is the only episode of murdercake (by Steven Lewis) that involves needle felting. But finding even one is practically a miracle. Feel free to check out the rest of murdercake (murdercake.com) for Lewis’ off-kilter gags and dark humor.  He also has a fun, family-friendly comic about monsters called creepy crowley at http://creepycrowley.com.  Take a look! There’s some funny stuff on both sites!

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