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OC Commission: Joshua Gegen’s Beeboo!

Comic writer Joshua Gegen contacted me about creating a needle-felted version of Beeboo, one of the original characters in his all-ages graphic novel, The Little Warrior.

Beeboo is a Winkle, a travel companion of the titular Little Warrior. He’s furry and blue, which you’d think would be a natural for needle-felting, but you do have to take some things into consideration when you’re transferring a character like this from 2D to 3D.


You could use long, hair-like tufts of wool for the whole figure, but that wool mats easily over time it’d look like something your cat coughed up. So, I built this little adventurer from some of the very last vestiges of my all-time favorite Norwegian C1 wool — it lays down nicely, keeps its shape, and presents a nice, soft texture that evokes a furry, muppety look.

I felted irregular peaks at the top of his head to give the sense of the longer tufts the character has. They’ll be more durable and hold their shape over time without matting. The client was happy with the final product so I’ll call that a win.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Little Warrior, you can visit Joshua Gegen’s instagram @LittleWarriorComic and pick up the book on Amazon.

And if you have an OC you’d like me to bring from 2D to 3D — I’ve done a bunch so far and they’re always fun — just contact me via the email link on this site.

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