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Needle Felted Headless Horseman Design

As I’ve done for the last few dolls, I’m posting Vince Dorse’s concept sketch for the Headless Horseman.  This image (along with some other, rough sketches) is what I used for reference while felting the doll.  Vince has a step-by-step on his process blog that outlines how he put this illustration together.  If you’d like to take a look, it’s here at this link: Vince Dorse Art Blog: The Headless Horseman


The Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman, inspired by the story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, is decked out for Halloween in his hessian gear.  These boots are made for stomping!  And his pumpkin is made for throwing or wearing as a substitute head.

His outfit was entirely needle felted in Norwegian wool.  Vince Dorse, who designed this doll (and my Invisible Man and Jekyll & Hyde), planned to have these three dolls exist as a set.  So they not only share a theme and literary origin, but all three dolls share a few, key colors (red, purple and black).  So, if you’re out riding through Sleepy Hollow tonight, beware.  You may just have a tiny, wool jack-o-lantern hurled at your head.  I’ll be posting the concept art soon so stay tuned for that.


Just Showing Off

Here’s my Invisible Man doll showing off the 3rd Place ribbon he won in the Living Felt International Felting Contest.  He’s such a ham.  Also in the photo are the Award Certificate and Gift Certificate that the nice people at Living Felt ( sent me.  It was such a nice surprise to come home to.  When I pulled the package out of my mailbox it was like winning the prize all over again.  I can’t thank them enough.

I’m sure I’ll use the gift certificate in the next few days to purchase more supplies and begin a new project.  The positive jolt I got from winning 3rd place really got my creative juices flowing.  Maybe I’ll scrapbook the award certificate, or frame it.  And the ribbon might look nice displayed over my workshop desk…if I can convince my little friend to give it back.


Needle Felted invisible man wins 3rd place in competition

I entered my very first needle felting contest this past August — The Living Felt 2010 International Felting Contest.  I’m very happy to announce that my Invisible Man won 3rd place!  All the entries were wonderful, and I’m sure the judges had a rough time deciding.  I’m just thrilled I made the cut!  Congratulations to all the other participants.  The quality of work on all the contest entries was impressive and will serve as inspiration for me the next time I pick up the ol’ needle.


Jekyll and Hyde Design

Here’s another art doll design Vince Dorse did for me.  This one, obviously, for my Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde feltie.  I love how this looks like an old timey movie poster.  This is the first of three in a series centered around horror literature.  I’ll be posting the other designs (and the dolls I made from them) soon.


Needle Felted Jekyll & Hyde Work-In-Progress

Here’s Hyde, the handsome devil, in his completed form.  But I’m also posting some of my work-in-progress (wip) photos.  I happened to remember to take a few while making these guys.

1) This first shot shows a comparison of the two heads. Boy does Hyde have a giant nose!  Still need to do the ears. 2) The pants, shoes and spats are complete. 3) Dr. Jekyll gets sleeves and a collar for his dress shirt. 4) The jacket sleeves go on along with the vest and ascot. Looks like the silly man put his vest on over the jacket!


Needle Felted Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The inspiration for this piece was Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  As everyone knows, the respectable Dr. Jekyll drinks an experimental potion that turns him into the wild and crazy Mr. Hyde.

These guys are wearing a three piece suit all made out of wool.  Sharp!  I really enjoyed needle felting the spats on the shoes and the tails on the coat.  I didn’t even know what spats were until my designer explained them (He’s got this thing about old timey-time stuff).  The only things that aren’t wool are the eyes and the props.  Unfortunately for both me and Hyde, that’s not a real diamond on his walking stick.


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