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Jekyll and Hyde Design

Here’s another art doll design Vince Dorse did for me.  This one, obviously, for my Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde feltie.  I love how this looks like an old timey movie poster.  This is the first of three in a series centered around horror literature.  I’ll be posting the other designs (and the dolls I made from them) soon.


Needle Felted Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The inspiration for this piece was Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  As everyone knows, the respectable Dr. Jekyll drinks an experimental potion that turns him into the wild and crazy Mr. Hyde.

These guys are wearing a three piece suit all made out of wool.  Sharp!  I really enjoyed needle felting the spats on the shoes and the tails on the coat.  I didn’t even know what spats were until my designer explained them (He’s got this thing about old timey-time stuff).  The only things that aren’t wool are the eyes and the props.  Unfortunately for both me and Hyde, that’s not a real diamond on his walking stick.


Needle Felted Red and Wolf Design

In my last two posts I’ve mentioned that I work with an artist friend who does the design work for a lot of my projects.  I really like what he comes up with so I thought I should write a post about him and how our process works.

Most of the time he begins with a sketch that establishes the structure of the character and a follow-up color comp so I know what color wool to use.  Then I start sculpting.  Not only do those sketches turn into a wool doll, but most of the time he brings the illustration to a more finished stage.  That’s what this image is.  I love the old timey look he gave to Red and the wolf.

He has a website that is a full of his illustrations, the stuff he does when he’s not designing my projects.  Check them out at


what big eyes you have: Needle Felted Wolf

You can’t have a Red Riding Hood without a wolf. Here he is, all decked out in Grandma’s nightgown. There is a detailed shot in the gallery if you want to check that out too. This guy was designed by my artist friend who also designed Red. I think they make a great pair. Although Red seems to be a little scared of Granny Wolf, with good reason, he has big teeth.


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