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A Santa Claus For Mrs. H

Run Red Run Needle Felted Santa                                          I felted a Santa this year for my high school art teacher.  I can’t draw. Never could. And yet she worked tirelessly trying to teach me perspective, values and composition. Not many people have that kind of patience. But through all of my underwhelming experiments with 2D art, she continued to encourage me to find my creative spark. It wasn’t until years later when I started needle felting that all of her efforts finally hit home. I wanted to thank her for her encouragement, and a felted Santa Claus seemed like a fun way to do it.
Run Red Run Needle Felted Santa w BoxIn addition to all of her support in High School, more recently she was instrumental in my having a collection of felties on display at the Sewickley library in October (my first show!) and she talks up my work to anyone who will listen.  She was my all time favorite teacher. Not only because she’s so generous with her time and talent, but under all of that she’s just a really great person.

Run Red Run Needle Felted Santa and Bing This Santa is slightly different than the last Santa I made.  Oval eyes this time, instead of round (I thought the slight tilt made him look kinder) and his jumbo mustache might actually reach out farther from his face than my last Santa, if that’s possible. And since I can’t seem to run a photo shoot without one cat or another sticking their head into the mix, I’m including the photo of Bing the tabby sizing up Santa as a potential chew toy.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! And the Happiest of New Years!
There are more photos of Santa in the gallery if you want to check them out.


The Cat Brothers: Bing Helps Me Ship a Feltie

Run Red Run Bing the Cat The Cat Brothers Needle FeltingMy cats are very curious. Scratching around under the couches, climbing through closets, sneaking around on top of the cupboards. They’ve been through every nook and cranny of the house at least a thousand times.

Though interested in the mysteries inside the house, Bing has a special fascination with the outside world. he looks longingly out windows and tries his best to slip through open doors. Now that I think about it, his love for boxes might be a rehearsal for a great escape. Whenever I’m packing a feltie to ship, there he is, in the box trying it on for size. Sure, he looks all sweet and innocent, but he might be secretly punching air holes.




The Cat Brothers: Cats In a Cube

Here's Bowie doing his dramatic, tortured artist look for the camera.

When I photograph my needle-felted creations, I use a photo cube to control the background and lighting.  Because it’s a fairly large cube, I have to set it up on the dining room table.  The first time they saw it, the cat brothers were very curious about this new object in their space and had to check it out.  Of course, they waited until my doll was completely set up with the cube was perfectly lit and cat-fur-free before jumping in to claim it as their own.  I rescued whatever poor doll was within clawing distance and took the opportunity to snap some shots of the cat brothers instead. Those boys.  Those wonderful, terrible boys!








Bing thought he was being photographed for the next issue of Bachelor Cat Magazine.


The Cat Brothers: Invisible Man vs The Cat From Outer Space

One of the problems I have felting at home is the danger posed by Bing and Bowie, The Cat Brothers.  They’re cute, they’re loving, and I don’t know what I would do without them.  But, like all cats, they’re very curious.  And their curiosity can sometimes turn a felted doll into a kitty chew toy.

Here’s Bowie sniffing around the Invisible Man while I was finishing up some detail work.  I just knew by the look on his face that he had enough of this bandaged stranger and was going to attack.  Luckily, I grabbed the doll before anything disastrous happened.  But The Cat Brothers are always on the lookout for more mischief, so i’m sure you’ll be seeing more of them.


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